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Find Freedom from Diabetes
with Cheerful Health Coaching

Attention Diabetic Sister Friend!

Are you worried about what will happen if your diabetes is left unchecked?

Are you afraid you will lose the weight and then self-sabotage yourself again?

Are you afraid of the unknown complications diabetes will cause for yourself and your family?


Diabetes has left you afraid and anxious, making you feel like there is nothing else you can do. You’ve lost 5-10 pounds, 5-6 times already and you’re wondering if you have what it takes to go through all of that again.


Diabetes has taken your joy, hope, and love for life.


Imagine what your life would be like if you were free from diabetes?

Coach Mary Beth working with diabetic clients.

Group Coaching

Coach MB walking to a diabetic client meeting

New Tools

Coach MB working with diabetic clients


Coach MB planning a menu


Coach MB reading a coaching book

with like-

Trim Healthy Mamas Are Finding Freedom From Diabetes

Meet Your Diabetic Coach

Sister friend, I’m sorry that you have to live through the challenge of diabetes. Before I found out how to eat and move in order to thrive, I too would quickly lose weight and then it back again over and over again. My Type-1 diabetes made it feel impossible to have steady control of my blood sugar, lose weight, and keep it off. I would try to follow extreme diets like only eating carrots, drinking milk, and running as much as I could. Sure, I lost the weight, but it was not healthy or sustainable in the long term.


Following the a smart carb, healthy fats plan not only helped me to lose the weight and keep it off, but I’ve lowered all of my numbers without having to cut out any food groups. As a Type-1, my Hemoglobin A1C has been under 5.8 or lower for the last 40+ months and has been in range about 89% of the time on my CGM. This is unheard of especially for a lifelong Type-1 diabetic.


I have been able to crack my code to find this success. In turn, I have cracked the code to help other diabetics find these same results. I started following the Trim Healthy plan in February 2018 and became a Trim Healthy certified coach in August 2019. Since then, I have coached over 30 one-on-one clients and over 800 people in my groups.


I believe with all my heart that when you follow the program with a coach and community by your side, you will see results and find freedom from diabetes!

Coach MB wears a Dexcom GCM monitor to monitor her blood sugar

Your Plan to Freedom

Coach MB meets up with a client

1. Join the Seedlings Course

Join a group that’s tailored to the needs and challenges that you face every day as a diabetic.

Coach MB presents at a client retreat

2. Shift Your Mindset

No more diets and weight loss goals. Join forces with like-minded women and finally experience freedom from diabetes.

Coach MB meets up with clients

3. Experience Results

Be equipped with the tools and strategies that will lower your blood sugar, lose weight, and keep it off for years to come!

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Coach MB with the founders of Trim Healthy Mama

Mary Beth...she's incredible!

Pearl Barrett, Founder and Author of THM

The Sisters Say....

Client Video Testimonials

I’ve been on keto and wanting better glucose control. I was afraid to do the Seedlings Course because I was afraid I would fail. I’m glad I did it now! My glucose numbers have gone down and I’m learning how to lower them even more. 

I just want to thank Coach Mary Beth for pushing me and encouraging me and teaching me how to incorporate the her program while being a diabetic.

Cynthia H

Seedlings Diabetic Course graduate

A client of Coach Mary Beth's
I am thankful for Coach Mary Beth, who took the time to learn how to integrate THM with the diabetic’s special needs. Since my first original success with THM in 2015, I have been flailing. When they said “you must have carbs (E meals)” and then my BS would soar, I would feel complete defeated. Then I would eat only fats (S meals) & low fat/low carb (FP), only to have better numbers and no energy. 

I now see clear science behind why I am supposed to eat all meal types, but in a way that benefits the needs of my own unique body. And, it is working. I never would have had the time to invest in all that research, knowledge, and understanding. 
Thanks, Coach Mary Beth!

Ginger W, Seedlings Diabetic Course member

Client Testimonials

I work full-time and have recently crossed over the line of pre-diabetic to diabetic and was freaked out! I knew I needed to hunker down and make some real, consistent changes. I saw someone recommend this course, and I knew that I needed the accountability and the knowledge/education on the diabetic side of things (all new to me). Having accountability is a huge step and commitment - and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to put in the time and effort to keep up with it.

Coach MB was really helpful, sharing knowledge that helped keep us on track, and was really encouraging along the way. She pointed out a few little details in what I was eating, or BS responses to things that helped me understand better how to tweak and adjust to make it work better for my body.

My clothes are feeling SOOOO much bigger - too big! My numbers have gotten better overall, according to my recent labwork. But most importantly, it was SO enlightening to test my bs to see what was happening when I ate certain foods. Finding out that the protein and veggies REALLY help to soften the spike when eating healthy carbs was really helpful and freeing for me!

If you're looking for answers to how your food is affecting you and how to make it work for you instead of against you - this is a really helpful course! 

Amy W, Seedlings Course Grad

I am an empty nester mom/wife with pre- diabetes, and I’ve been busy doing everything in my life but addressing this issue. We were going to be moving around a lot (sold our house recently and have been Air B&Bing) and wondered if I could really do it without my regular kitchen. Coach Mary Beth is so knowledgeable, straightforward and encouraging. I understand my blood sugar issues so much better and numbers are trending down Taking this course was a great decision, so helpful in changing course of my health, my life Thank you, Coach Mary Beth!!

Denise C, Seedlings Diabetic Course grad

I'm an empty nester (2 girls) with type 2 diabetes. I was seeing results on THM but the scale had stopped moving and I was allowing way too many off-plan foods (that didn’t serve my blood sugar well). I was reluctant to spend the money on coaching, but Coach Mary Beth tweaks the THM plan for a diabetic person. It was such a relief to have answers and action plans! Going through the Seedlings Course helped me CARE about my numbers, and provided the accountability I needed to DO something about my numbers. I recommend Coach Mary Beth's Seedlings course to any's a game changer! I appreciate Coach Mary Beth's grace and love as she instructs in this judgement, only knowledgeable advice.

Becky P, Seedlings Diabetic Course Grad

I wanted to let you know that I had my 3 month blood draw.  I went from an A1C of 10.2 and an average glucose of 246 in April 2022 to an A1C of 6.6 and an average glucose of 142.7!

I was struggling with my numbers until I took your Pulled Back E Workshop so I truly believe that class really, really helped me.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge /support and recipes. You rock, Mary Beth. I feel I would be still stuck if it hadn't been for those three things and I wouldn't have known about them if it hadn't been for you.

UPDATE: As of October 31, 2022 I have gone from a 10.2 A1C to a 6.1 A1C and an average glucose of 246 to a 128. Definitely a win win!

. Angela S, Pulled Back E Workshop client with type 2 diabetes

Client Testimonials

Mary Beth taught me so much about my health! These 3 women (Pearl, Serene, and Mary Beth) have helped me heal my body from the inside out, and I will forever be grateful to them! I haven’t posted much about my health journey, always in fear of failure. Trim Healthy Mama is not a fad or a quick fix. I’m doing the work to change my body and mind, and it’s okay for me to be proud of that! THM has taught me that I’m not defined by a number on a scale! #fuelyourbody"

April J, Seedlings Diabetic Course Grad

Coach Mary Beth with a former client
Coach Mary Beth's former client

Kudos to my coach and mentor, Mary Beth, who has helped me lose weight, yes. This is no small accomplishment since I am without a thyroid and have blood sugar issues as well. But more than taking off some pounds, she has helped me integrate my weight loss struggle with my faith. For the first time in several years, I have learned to love myself again. And, that makes all the difference! I wholeheartedly encourage you to take a look at Cheerful Health. It may make all the difference in the world! Blessing to you in your journey.

Joellyn C, 1-1 and group client

I gained a greater knowledge of how to adapt the different meal types to eating to my meter and insulin resistance and how to strategically use S-helpers, FP and pulled back E’s to support my body and blood sugar.

Stacey M, Group client with insulin resistance due to PCOS

Coach Mary Beth's former client

About Cheerful Health

Coach Mary Beth reading a coaching book

At Cheerful Health, I know you are the kind of person who wants to lower your blood sugar, lose the weight, and be free from diabetes. You need the support, tools, and encouragement to fight this enemy that has taken so much from you. The problem is that you’ve lost 5-10 pounds, 5-6 times already and it’s exhausting thinking about going through that again. You’re afraid that you’ll self-sabotage and that the changes won’t stick. You’re afraid of what will happen if your diabetes is left unchecked and the unknown complications that diabetes will cause in the future for yourself and your family.

BUT, you’re all in and ready to make a difference. Imagine if you were free to dream about what your life could be if you weren’t held back by your limiting beliefs.


I understand what it’s like to live with Type-1 diabetes. That’s why I am a certified THM coach. THM has transformed my diabetic journey and I know it will change yours.


Here’s how you can find freedom from diabetes.

  1. Join the Seedlings Diabetic course

  2. Shift Your Mindset

  3. Experience Real Results


Join the Seedlings Diabetic course now so that you can find freedom from diabetes, lower your blood sugar, find health, and love your life!

The A1C Guarantee

I am so confident in the methods I teach and materials I use in the Seedlings Diabetic Course that I offer a 100% money back guarantee that your A1C will be lower at the end of our 8 weeks together than it was when you started. 

Join the Seedlings Diabetic Course

with Coach Mary Beth



  • The THM plan

  • How the plan works for diabetics

  • Tips on food preparation

  • Menus

  • Where and how to shop

  • Specialty ingredients

  • Superfoods and why we eat them

  • Resources that make diabetes easier


  • Daily check-ins and accountability with Coach Mary Beth

  • Pre-recorded videos to watch before weekly Zoom Q&A

  • Weekly LIVE Zoom meetings (Monday night at 7:00pm CST)

  • Weekly challenges with prizes!

  • Course run on Mighty Networks--have more time with your family and leave distractions behind!

*email for 3 installment link

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