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Fruit Punch Ya Right in the Gut!

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

I grew up being a type 1 diabetic from the age of three in the early 80's. Crystal Light came to being sometime when I first started elementary school, and I loved me some Crystal Light Lemonade and some Crystal Light Fruit Punch! I've been trying for a while to recreate the yummy fruit punch of my childhood, and y'all, I've finally done it! IT'S CRYSTAL LIGHT WITHOUT BEING FULL OF CRAPPY SWEETENERS THAT HASTEN OUR DEMISE!!!!!!

Here's the eeeeeeasy breezy recipe. You can have yourself a delicious cupful in 10 minutes--and most of that is letting the tea brew! And here's the kicker--this has ACV which improves gut health and reduces inflammation!

Cheerful Health Fruit Punch:


-Four bags of Celestial Seasons Black Cherry Berry tea--brewed in two cups of boiled water.

-1/4c lemon or lime juice (lime will get you the closest to real fruit punch)

-1/2 tsp of THM Pure Stevia


-apple cider vinegar with the mother


1) Boil the water and brew the tea. I like to let it sit until it's cool, but you can let it sit for 10 minutes. You want it really strong.

2) To a 2 quart jar add your stevia and lemon or lime juice and swirl around to get a little mixed together.

3) Add in your brewed Black Cherry Berry tea and swirl to mix.

4) Top up your 2 quart jar with water and store in fridge.

5) When you are ready to drink this, add in up to 1T of ACV to the 30/32oz* insulated cup you're using, and top up with tea. Add in ice and you're good to go!

*The ratio for the ACV is 1T ACV to 32oz of tea. If your cup isn't that big then scale it down.

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