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Good Golly Miss Molly!

Hey sister friend,

today, I'd like to introduce you to my friend and client, Molly. Like millions of Americans, Molly was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and prescribed medication to manage her condition. But relying solely on drugs left her anxious about unpredictable shortages and side effects. Molly felt trapped, living in daily fear of fluctuating blood sugar levels wreaking havoc in her life.

That’s when she discovered the Seedlings Diabetic Course. Molly shares, “I was tired of living in fear and decided to be responsible for my own blood glucose reading without the use of drugs.” Her goal was simple – learn to control her sugars with diet and exercise alone.

Throughout the course, Molly gained knowledge and confidence to take charge of her health. She says, “I am learning how what I eat directly influences my blood sugar minute by minute! I had never taken the time to plan meals according to the needs of my body.” The impact was life-changing. Molly now sleeps better, has energy to exercise, and experiences fewer mood swings. She is off diabetes medication by following the lifestyle habits from Seedlings.

But most transformative was finding freedom from constant “food noise.” Molly shares, “I have always had an obsession with food. The course helped turn down those intrusive thoughts I struggled with for so long!”

When asked about how working with me has been she said, "You are a genius who leads with empathy and accountability. you walks this walk. Your own experience with T1D brings extra clout to your teaching.” The supportive community also kept Molly motivated.

Molly made a pivotal shift from victim to empowered: “I feel so much more alive now that I’m eating real, whole, good foods from God’s earth!” She conquered her fears and took control of diabetes through Seedlings.

You can make that same journey starting today. Learn more about the Seedlings Diabetic Course here. There is a massively awesome Black Friday bonus bundle coming that if you've signed up already you get too! I'm telling you you will not want to miss out on this!

You can watch my interview with Molly on YouTube here. She is a delight!

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