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Coach MB's Favorite BBQ Baked Beans - Gentle on Blood Sugar!

I don't know about y'all, but baked beans are one of my favorite parts of a summer BBQ! They remind me of the beans my grandma, Tootsie, used to make when we had cookouts at my grandparents' house in the summers. I took her recipe (full of brown sugar and sugary ketchup!) and made it be more helpful for diabetics and those waging war again insulin resistance.

This is a simple recipe with ingredients that can be purchased from any grocery store will take your regular ol' baked beans up a notch or 17!

Coach MB's Favorite BBQ Baked Beans:


2 15oz cans of either Cannellini or navy beans--do not rinse!

1/4c no sugar added ketchup

1-2T of prepared yellow mustard

1T black strap molasses

Several hefty glugs of Worcestershire sauce (let the Holy Spirit tell you when enough is enough!)

1/3c Swerve Brown Sugar

1/2tsp of mineral salt

1/8tsp black pepper

a good shake of chili pepper

a good shake of paprika


Turn on oven to 350F so that it's pre-heating while you're mixing.

Place all ingredients into a 9x13 pan and mix well.

Put 9x13 pan into the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes until it's all bubbly and smelling amazing!

This pairs well with any barbecue or cookout you'll have this summer, and they re-heat beautifully! The Cannellini and navy beans are both very gentle on blood sugar and the Swerve keeps things sweet without adding in extra carbs.

Serving size is 1/2c beans is 17-20g carbs (depending on which bean you use).

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1 commentaire

Erynn Sprouse
Erynn Sprouse
24 août 2023

Do you drain the beans? (I see not to rinse, but… do you drain?)

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