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Does your coffee do THIS?!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by the Cheerful Health Blog. Today we are talking about a way to mix up your coffee in a way that makes it both fat burning AND energy giving. Who wouldn't want coffee that burns fat?!

The secret is our friend, MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil. I've talked with you about MCT oil in the past, but in case this is your first time hearing about MCT oil let me fill you in a little on all it's magnificent properties.

1) MCT oil is made of an amino acid called lauric acid (LA). LA has a magic method of fighting viruses like the one that's caused a global pandemic. "LA and the derivative monolaurin were reported to destroy cell membranes of gram-positive bacteria and lipid-coated viruses," Study can be seen here. We know that the pandemic causing virus is indeed a lipid (fat)-coated virus so the lauric acid in MCT oil breaks the cell walls down, and lets your immune system in to destroy the virus so that it cannot replicate itself in your body. Sounds like a great plan!

2) MCT oil also helps reduce adipose (fat) tissue. One study can be viewed here and one here. The results of the study showed that regular consumption of MCT oil reduces the amount of adipose (fat) tissue in the body. I'm all for that, man! It burns 3X as many calories in a six hour after a meal than other fats do, as well as revving up the metabolism. It is difficult for it to be stored as fat because of it's quick and efficient way it is converted into fuel for quick use by muscles and organs. (THM Plan book p151)

3) MCT oil leads to satiety so sipping on your coffee that has 1/2 tsp in it will help you feel satisfied and happy.

4) MCT oil taken regularly helps to increase breast milk supply AND gives lovely amounts of that disease-fighting lauric acid to your little ones.

5) MCT oil reduces blood glucose levels and insulin resistance which is something that affects us as we age. Insulin resistance ain't just for diabetics, I'm afraid.

6) MCT oil fights brain deterioration in the case of dementia or Alzheimers Disease (THM Plan Book p152) and this study.

7) MCT oil can help reduce cholesterol this study shows.

8) MCT oil helps to optimize the production of thyroid hormones (THM Plan Book p152).

9) MCT oil can provide a boost in energy as it's revving your metabolism.

10) MCT oil helps suppress appetite (THM Plan Book p151).

These are just a few of the things that MCT oil does for us. As you can read, it is a real powerhouse of an ingredient that can play huge roles in our health if we choose to use it.

Here's how I do my coffee just about every morning.

Things needed:

•some kind of larger container that you can blend something in OR a blender pitcher

•an immersion blender (if you're not using your blender)

•one cup of coffee

•large spoonful of collagen

•1/2 tsp MCT oil

•1/2 tsp sunflower lecithin (we'll do a post on this ingredient another day, but it's good for skin and heart health)

•1-2 tsp half and half if you want a little extra creaminess (this will give you 0.5g-1g of added fat)


Add all ingredients in the order above (the sunflower lecithin will stay clumped up unless you add it near the end), and use either your blender or your immersion blender for about 30 seconds. When I add in the sunflower lecithin I usually let it rest about 10 seconds and blend it one more time for about 20 seconds. It's very easy, and it makes a frothy, foamy, creamy latte-like coffee. Sometimes if I'm feelin' crazy I'll add in one drop of cinnamon essential oil. It's next level delicious.

This is an THM Fuel Pull so it can be used in any fuel setting.

Click over to my coaching page to see what's coming up!

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