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No Carb Easy Bread Cinnamon Rolls - THM Light S

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Ohhhhhh Cheerful Health Mamas, have I got a massive treat for y'all today!!! Queens Pearl and Serene (creators of Trim Healthy Mama) have done it again with their No Carb Easy Bread! This bread is delicious--it is like real bread but without any carbs which means that those of us who's bodies don't work well with grains can have all of this that we want! AND it's low carb and low fat so really doesn't cause a change in blood sugar levels which is wonderful for us diabetics! It is gluten free and slices just like real, made-from-flour-bread. It's the real deal, friends.

To make this recipe you will need to use the No Carb Easy Bread mix so if you haven't got any of that order that first! You won't be able to proceed without it. I have tabled this a light S because of amount of butter I used. If you really slather it on thick then that changes things to a regular S which is absolutely fine! I just wanted to flag that up.

Without further adieu here is the recipe:

No Carb Easy Bread Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Roll Ingredients:

1 1/3 C of egg whites (I use egg whites from the carton from Aldi, Walmart, and Target--all seem to do fine)

3/4 C of water

6T of softened butter (not melted just soft enough to be spreadable)


Gentle Sweet or Pyure (I use xylitol free Gentle Sweet)

Parchment paper and pie tin will be needed to create and the rolls.

Icing ingredients:

1/4 of nut milk (I use almond milk)

1/2C of Gentle Sweet or Pyure

small pinch of pink Himalayan salt

splash of vanilla

splash of maple


1) Preheat oven to 450F

2) In your blender, add your egg whites and blend on high for 30 seconds (unless you have a Vitamix or a Blendtec and then blend on 3 or 4 for 30 seconds. Otherwise you'll overmix your egg whites and your rolls will not bake correctly.)

3) Add in NCEB mix and water. Blend on high (or on 3 or 4 if using a Vitamix or Blendtec) for 10 seconds. Stop blender and wipe down side with a spatula. Mix again for 15 seconds on high (or 3-4 if using a Vitamix or Blendtec).

4) Get a piece of parchment paper that is about 14 inches long. Dump out the blender contents onto the parchment paper (be sure to get all the goodness you can out of your blender! Leave no NCEB behind!!!), and with the back of a silicon spatula start spreading it into a rectangle. I was able to get mine to about a 10X12 rectangle without it being too thinly spread. As much as is possible make sure the dough is evenly distributed.

5) Take your 6T* of softened butter and spread it all the way to the edges.

6) Sprinkle cinnamon to the edges and your sweetener to about 1/2in from the edge (the sugar alcohols will catch in the oven if you sweeten right to the edge). I am not giving an amount on this because some people love them very sweet and very cinnamon-y and some people do not! So do what your family loves the most. We're a heavy cinnamon/sweet group in this house!

7) Take the long side of your parchment paper that is closest to you and start your roll by creating a little lip. I used a butter knife to help me get the roll going (parchment in left hand and butter knife in right hand). Keep the roll as tight as you can. Roll all the way across until you get to the far side.

8) With a sharp knife cut your roll into 1 inch sections--you should be able to get 12 rolls.

9) Spray your pie tin well with olive oil--it MUST be olive oil or else your NCEB will stick. Do not try coconut oil--you will be sorely disappointed. Place the rolls into your pie tin, and put into the oven for 45-50 minutes. You will want to check these at about 20 minutes to make sure the sweetener isn't catching and starting to burn. If that is happening you can lay a piece of tented foil over the top to stop them from getting too dark.

10) For the icing, in a bowl or measuring cup put in 1/4C nut milk and whisk in 1/2C Gentle Sweet or Pyure and a small pinch of salt with a fork. Add in a splash of vanilla and a splash of maple extract and mix until everything is combined. When your cinnamon rolls come out of the over pour this over them while they are still hot.

Eat and enjoy! These freeze well so if you don't get through them all in a reasonable amount of time pop them into the freezer in groups of two or three rolls for an easy to grab breakfast, snack, or dessert during the week.

Serving option: Growing up, my mom alllllways put peanut butter on her cinnamon rolls so that is how I love them the most. My natural PB that I use is from Kroger and it's pretty runny. I add it after I have warmed up my rolls for 30 seconds in the microwave.

*You can add more butter if you'd like. It increases the fat grams per roll from 5g to 7.5g if you use a whole stick. If you keep that to two rolls that can still be a light S if no other fats are added (like from half & half in your coffee for example). Otherwise, you're popped into regular S which is still great!


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Kelby Van
Kelby Van
Nov 29, 2023

Question...I thought heating olive oil was a no go... is it okay in small amounts? Or just like, a personal choice situation?

Mary Beth Oakley
Mary Beth Oakley
Nov 29, 2023
Replying to

Hey! It needs to be olive oil as per the directions on the package. Any other oil causes the No Carb Easy Bread to stick to the pan you use.


Anna Espinoza
Anna Espinoza
Apr 04, 2022

I am going to have to try this!!!

Mary Beth Oakley
Mary Beth Oakley
Apr 05, 2022
Replying to

Let me know how you like it!

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