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The Scoop on Diabetic Supplements

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Hey there, sister friend!

today I wanted to share with you a video I recorded in one of my free teachings in my free Facebook group, Coach Mary Beth's No Blood Sugar BS, at the end of the summer. I go Live in there every Thursday at 2:30pm central teaching about the topics you want to know about.

In this video, I share with you the supplements I take that help both my diabetic control and my thyroid. I lived without supplements for the majority of my life as a type 1 diabetic, but in the last few years I have found tighter, better control when using several different products. They've been so super helpful to me that I wanted to share* them with you!

I have a PDF that goes along with this that I'll happily send you by email. You can grab that here.

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*I am not a medical doctor. Please do your own research and check with your doctor before beginning any supplements.

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