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Coach MB Didn't Give Up on Me: How Cynthia's Seedlings Experience Lowered Her Type 2 Blood Sugars

I want to give some huge praise to a woman who has worked SO HARD over these last few months! Cynthia is a married mama of three boys (two married and one still at home) who is looking forward to her new grandbaby arriving this spring. We started working together 1-1 earlier in 2022, but it was just not our time to click yet. She tried Seedlings this past summer, and was not able to move past the third week though we had seen some pretty big changes already. Life happened with her kiddo at home and with her family's business and it just wasn't her timing---YET.

When she contacted me in late September about doing Seedlings again for the fall group I told her, "I will only say yes if you commit! I know this will work for you--we've seen it! But you gotta stick with it, sister. I am saying this because I want you to succeed and to have victory over your diabetes. We're so close!!! Give me eight weeks, and I am confident you will see an even bigger difference!" And bless her, SHE'S DONE IT!!!!!

Here was sweet Cynthia has to say about her experience in Seedlings below:

Here's what Cynthia had to say in her own words:

I’d been on keto and was wanting better glucose control. I was afraid to do the Seedlings Course because I was afraid I would fail. I’m glad I did it now! My glucose numbers have gone down and I’m learning how to lower them even more.
If you are a diabetic and want better glucose control then sign up with Coach Mary Beth because she definitely understands the program because she incorporates it in her own life. I just want to thank Coach Mary Beth for pushing me and encouraging me and teaching me how to incorporate the THM program while being a diabetic.

If you're where Cynthia was a few months ago--

  • climbing blood sugars

  • high fasting blood sugars

  • tried keto and intermittent fasting with little to no success

  • yearning for better health, but tired of spinning your wheels on things that don't work

Then I want you to seriously consider registering for the Seedlings Diabetic Course.

In this course you will learn how to

  • gain control of your blood sugars

  • lower your insulin resistance

  • start working on your Dawn Phenomenon/high fasting blood sugars

  • raise your insulin sensitivity

  • change your mindset to keep you going

  • be part of a community of women who are all traveling the same path as you are

  • walk out of that pre-diabetic diagnosis or get a good jump on walking out of your type 2 diabetes

  • learn how to use the Trim Healthy Way of Eating to get your type 1 diabetes under tighter control without huge blood sugar swings

You can learn even more about Seedlings here.

Or if you've heard all you need to hear and are ready to sign up you can do that by clicking the button below. The course starts January 8-March 4. Spots are limited, and my last three Seedlings Courses have sold out.

Give yourself the gift of health for Christmas this year!

Email me if you have any questions!

Come follow me on all the socials!

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