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Diabetes Care: It's a Marathon. It's NOT a Sprint.

In my Seedlings Diabetic Course we are hitting that point where the rubber really meets the road. It's the time where things are not new anymore and the reality of this "new" way of living and eating isn't so "new" anymore.

THIS is where working on our mindset starts to shine. Because you see, living life as a diabetic/pre-diabetic/insulin resistant person is a walking a fine line between making sure that you're fueling your body well do balance your blood sugars and understanding that though there is not a final destination we'll ever arrive to we can run along with hope and a contentedness that keeps us going.

When we feel like we HAVE to do something it becomes a heavy burden to carry.

BUT when we shift that thinking over to one of GETTING to do something that makes all the difference. It is 100% our choice.

WE, in the Cheerful Health Coaching family, hate being harangued into taking care of our blood sugars. No, ma'am. We CHOOSE to do this--and we do this VERY WELL like the classy women we are!

We are training ourselves for the marathon of life with diabetes so that we can live a long life, serving the Lord, being their for our family and friends, and excelling in health.

Is it hard? Yep, at first it is. But it DOES get easier the more trained we get ourselves.

So today, I want to encourage you to put one foot in front of the other. Go on that walk--even if it's cold! Drink some water. Eat some nonstarchy veggies. Get in some good protein. Enjoy some blood sugar balancing carbs. You can do it, sister!

Just a reminder that I go Live in my free Facebook group, Coach Mary Beth's No Blood Sugar BS, every Thursday at 2:30pm central time to talk about a variety of topics that will support you in your diabetic journey! Come join me!


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