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Holiday Party Survival Guide: 4 Things to do to Rock the Night Away with Great Blood Sugar!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Good morning, sister friends! It's early December and I'm willing to bet a lot of us have holiday parties already starting! Here are some things you can do to keep your sanity and keep your blood sugars happy while you're celebrating.

Make your plan. Stick to it. Have fun!

Here is the link to the Sippin' on Christmas holiday sipper mentioned.

Tip #1 - Call ahead and ask about the menu.

Knowing what will be served at the parties you're attending will help you with making your plan. Usually, there is some sort of work-able protein for you. You can know if you need to ask for a salad or some grilled veggies to replace something. OR you can know if you need to bring something to the party yourself in order to have what you need.

Tip #2 - Get in a Pulled Back E (carbs kept to 20-30g, fat kept to 5g) at lunch and a solid fat based S meal for a snack.

You need to not be wanting to eat everything that is not nailed down when you waltz through the door looking fab. You will serve your blood sugar best by eating every 3-4 hours throughout the day leading up to your party.

"“Many people assume it’s unavoidable to gain weight over the holidays,” said Shoshana Bennett, PhD, a clinical psychologist based in California. She said that gaining weight during the holidays doesn’t have to be the case with a little mindfulness and planning.

Tip #3 - Bring and carry with you a sipper made with apple cider vinegar.

Not only does ACV have a little bit of an appetite suppressing effect, it is also helps to stabilize blood sugars. Worried about your teeth? Keeping it very diluted will not hurt the enamel on your teeth. Check out this DELICIOUS Cheerful Health Sippin' on Christmas sipper here!

Tip #4 - Get your game face on!

Trying to navigate a holiday party while working to keep your blood sugar balanced so that you can lower your insulin resistance and not undo all the progress you've been working so hard to make is the equivalent to walking into the championship game! You gotta go in planned, prepped, and ready to win!

Tip #5 - Check out the revamped Cheerful Health page

If you need some encouragement this holiday season go over to the Cheerful Health page and read some of the reviews there! They will inspire you ❤️

Sister friend, you can do this.

I want you to share this with a friend who is struggling with blood sugar issues today. Bring them some hope this holiday season!

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